Hasegawa 1:32 - (08069) Focke-Wulf Fw190D-9 - H-ST19


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This is a fighter who can say the second half of 1944. was deployed to the end of war. Fw190D-9 is also the swan song of the Luftwaffe. The D-9. based on the development of design requirements that type can be used in reconnaissance mission I had been made to the primary purpose of intercepting high-altitude bomber Initially. the satisfactory performance at high altitude in practice It was not possible to demonstrate. However. because it was achieved a very good flight performance in the middle and high degrees. D-9 equipped with Jumo 213A-1. has been deployed mass. It becomes the content in pursuit of the good-looking and ease of assembly by the number of parts that held the design! Minimum required all new parts. Flap reproduce the state lowered. The windshield open or closed positions. drop tanks and one tank body pilot figure of the seated posture is attached. Decals offer three species. And: (April 1945 Germany home country). same machine power Heinz Zakuzenberuku Ensign of the 44th Combat Team parrot Squadron (Germany country: machine power 44th Combat Team parrot Squadron (JV44 Papagei-Staffel) of Captain Waldemar Vu~yubuke Captain 1945 I've set March) 1945: (Germany home machine power (IV./JG3) commander Lieutenant Oscar Lom third Fighter Wing Squadron IV. and April). year.
Boy direction
Age: 15 years

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